A Tribute to Jane Randhawa

Posted By Susan Macaulay

Jane, whenever I think about you, I also think about Fireside Al and The Story of the Little Match Girl (we both love the CBC), and Greece (your favourite holiday destination).

I always remember too that you have generously and graciously hosted several TGIFs when I’ve come back to Calgary over the years – it’s fun to sit on your back deck and catch up with the gang over too much wine and too much food.
Thank you for those great times and great memories, and for the long and newsy letters you’ve written me while I’ve been in the UAE.1.jpg

It’s wonderful to count a talented actor, singer and director amongst my circle of friends – despite the fact that I have yet to see you act, hear you sing or attend one of the plays you’ve directed!

But I don't have to see, hear or attend anything to know you rock Jane.

Keep up the good work. Thanks for being my friend.