A Tribute to Christine Thompson

Posted By Lynn Hamam

I think most of us would choose our mothers as the first woman to whom we would want to pay tribute.

My mother is no different to any other mother, she has not done anything in her life to give her public recognition, but it is for this very reason that I pay tribute to her and to mothers everywhere.

I watched Susan's video of dancing with her Mum and the tears poured down my cheeks as I thought that my own mother can never dance again, at least not independently.

I thought of all the years she cared for myself and my brother, her family and friends, and countless other people who have crossed her path, of how much time she spent caring and worrying when she should have been dancing!

So this is my thanks to you Mum, for teaching me all that you could from your own experiences, for working your whole life to provide me with a good childhood, for being there not only for me but for all my friends during our "troubled teens", for protecting me but not over-protecting me, for supporting me even when you were concerned about my choices, for loving me unconditionally, for putting up with my nagging of you (you know it's out of love), for being my one true friend who is and always has been there for me, for the laughter of carefree childhood days that I wish I could recapture, for helping me to become the person that I am, for helping me to be the mother I am to Tami, and for many more things that will come to light as I journey on - I LOVE YOU ALWAYS.