A Simple Prayer

By Rebecca Brown

a-simple-prayer.jpgPeace, fall where you may.

Take the form of a tear, for those who hate.
If only salt could heal their pain.

Appear, within a pair of loving arms.
If only a hug could manifest or procreate,
as quickly as sadness does.

Rise, inside a rainbow.
Spread comfort like a picture cloud.
Ebb and flow, with tidal completeness.

Caress each incomplete soul,
with the eternal timelessness of touch.
To feel such comfort.
To sing along with the harmony of happy hearts.

This world.
Is it lost?
Have we made sure, our own demise?

Faith. Hope. Charity.
Like three sisters, cling.
Inside each spirit they wait.

Clues to redemption, just slightly out of reach.
Maybe we only have to just reach slightly?

Trust in your own strength.
With perseverance, only a tad of doubt be damned.
Let in the light of growth and understanding.
Not to blind with light but to warm the shadows with love.

If only.............