6 Great Tips To Stir Your Workout Pot

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By Kristen Hallett Rzasa of InterPlay Health.

You’re going to hit the treadmill every day this week.  You are determined!

Two weeks later, things have petered off and somehow Dance Moms or Toddlers & Tiaras and that glass of Merlot and couch pull you in like a magnet.

Are you completely void of willpower?  I doubt it. Most people find themselves quickly tiring of the same old (and repetitive) routine. 

 Here are a few ideas to breathe more life into your exercise routine to stay on track.

Do one different workout each week - As a Jazzercise instructor I teach classes most days of the week, so once a week I do something completely different.  Sometimes it's a yoga class, a bike ride or rollerblading.  I can always ensure that there will be one non-Jazzercise workout in my week.

Try a new sport or activity each month –I strive to try something new every month.  I've tried belly dancing, Tai Chi, kayaking, Qigong, surfing, zip lining, horseback riding, boxing, and next month I'm trying a fencing class. Investigate sources like www.meetup.com, or your local Continuing Education program for low cost options.

Mix up your music - Sometimes just downloading a new playlist of fresh music can energize a workout that's lost its zip.   Surf  iTunes to get ideas for motivating playlists.

Plan an exercise outing or challenge – The past three years I’ve ridden in the Five Boro Bike Tour. It’s a 42 mile ride which is a real challenge considering I don’t bike very often.

It’s also now a tradition with friends, a physical challenge and an event I look forward to every year.  Have you always wanted to run a 5K or tackle a triathlon?  Make a plan to go for it.

Use technology to spice it up - Surf podcasts, apps and websites for material to mix up your workouts.  There is a lot of free material available to add variety to your workouts.  Check out Netflix for a variety of workout DVDs to sample and you'll have new material delivered right to your mailbox.

Try an active vacation - A hiking trip, white water rafting, or a biking trip can be a great way to get out of a rut.  This summer I went hiking in the Huangshaun mountains and climbed the Great Wall in China.  The majestic scenery and breathtaking views made me forget it was a workout.

KHR HeadshotGet inspired and get moving!

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Kristen Hallett Rzasa is the owner of InterPlay Health, LLC and Jazzercise. She is an entrepreneur, dancer, instructor, writer, yogi, golfer and avid reader.