10 Dating Rules for Busy Women

happy coupleFitting a love life into a packed schedule isn’t easy, but with the right organization it’s more than possible to date without giving anything else up.

Here are some tips to help you keep your life the way you want it while finding your match.

1. Be realistic about the time you have

It’s OK not to spend every night looking for love. Early mornings do not mix well with late nights. You’ll only burn yourself out if you try and fit too much socializing into your schedule. Make a little bit of time whenever you can and try to stick to it.

2. Try online dating

Online dating, through websites such as eHarmony, can easily be fitted into the busiest of days – it takes only a few minutes to login and check your messages. Once you’ve set up a profile and tailored your searches, you can use it as much or as little as you need to arrange dates.

3. Make time for ‘date nights’

Once you’ve started to meet people, it’s important to have some flexibility in your week for date nights. The more people to meet, the higher your chance of finding a match, so try and make time for as many dates as possible.

4. Switch off your phone

It might be tempting to sneakily check your emails during a date but it doesn’t make for a great atmosphere. No matter how concerned you are about keeping everything going, try and power down your phone while you’re out and about.

5. Take time for yourself

No matter how many dates you have, it’s still important to find time for yourself. Have a night off once in a while which is just for you so you can rest and recuperate.

6. Meet new people at a class

If you’ve tried online dating (click here for success stories) and you’d like another way to meet new people, evening classes are a popular way to expand your social circle. You can choose from any number of activities and meet people who share your hobbies and interests.

7. Look after yourself

The key to keeping a busy schedule going is to eat well, take exercise and get plenty of sleep. If you’re pulling all-nighters to get everything done, you run the risk of exhausting yourself and feeling too lousy to date.

8. Enlist your friends to help

If you’re juggling childcare, call on your friends for babysitting duties. You’ll need at least one evening a week where you can go out, enjoy yourself and meet new people.

9. Ask to be "set up"

Another way your friends can help is by providing you with a bigger social circle. Letting them know you’re looking for love could be the key to getting a few extra introductions.

10. Don’t push yourself too much

Finally, dating should be fun, so if it’s all getting too much, don’t panic. Happy couples find each other when they least expect it – the right person could be closer than you think.

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