13 Provocative Posts On Gender Issues

feminist fistNothing like a compilation of blog posts on gender issues to get one’s feminist blood coursing a little faster in one's veins!

This hand-picked baker's dozen of favourite AmazingWomenRock feminist posts from the last year or so is designed to get you thinking about, and hopefully ACTING on, gender equality issues.

More women are talking about gender issues, that's for sure. But we need more women DOING stuff to create change and make real progress.

Increased awareness is a start. Breathe deeply and read on:

  1. 10 Reasons Why Feminism Is Good For Guys (Guest post)
  2. Sluts, Whores & More Ongoing Insanity 
  3. Kiss Our Collective Asses & Shove It Up Yours
  4. TED2012 Full Spectrum Shy on Gender Parity (Again!) 
  5. Trio of Nobel Laureates Tell It Like It Is: Women & Peace Now!
  6. Invisible Women: Where Is Half The World's Population?
  7. 11 Recent Headlines That Make My Feminist Blood Boil
  8. Sex & Sexability: The Misogynistic Arts (Guest post)
  9. 20 Reasons Why We Still Need The "F" Word (Guest post)
  10. Yes, Don Hazen, You Can Be A Feminist Too
  11. Pamela Anderson Drawn, Quartered & Banned In Her (And My) Native Canada
  12. Does A Butchered Woman Hanging From Meat Hooks Make You Want To Shop?
  13. EPIC Movies EPIC FAIL Gender Parity Test

Since I started blogging about gender parity almost four years ago, not much has changed – except perhaps that there seems finally to be a much-needed groundswell of feminine voice calling for more feminine voice in all spheres of human endeavor, most notably in the media. Films such at Miss Representation and Get Real: Wise Women Speak are two that I would highly recommend.

Get reading. Get watching. Get going: do your part to make change!


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  • June Winsome-Smith

    June Winsome-Smith

    14 March 2012 at 16:55 | #

    Hi from Australia!
    I just read Geraldine Brown's e chapters; they are useful for those who are not already aware of the gender discrepancies in this society. However, I was surprised to see that Geraldine did not give recognition to women's organisational, farming, hunting, making and management skills in the pre-industrial era of the western world. We were much more (more in the sense of 'amount') than "homemakers, mothers and nurturers." We were the other half in the survival relationship; comparisons can be had with contemporary tribal societies that show this. Sexism is rife in Australia as it is in the UK and the USA. I lived in the UK for the first 23 years of my life and the remainder in Australia and lately the USA. We need more women in politics to make the changes we need; the current attacks on women from the republican party are horrendous and must be stopped.
    'Have a safe journey everyone,' June.


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