Reclaim Your Power: Reclaim Your Life Helps You Live Your Life With Ease

When you registered on AWR, you were invited to download Stepping Into Your Power, a free two-part e-book by Geraldine Bown.

(If you haven’t already, register now to download the e-book - it’s great!)

Besides the e-book, Geraldine has an excellent series of eight audios designed for working women, especially working mothers, who feel:

  • invisible and overlooked at work
  • taken for granted at home
  • out of balance in their work/life integration

Geraldine researched the issues working women face by speaking directly to women. Here's what they said:

  • whatever I do I feel guilty
  • I have no time for myself
  • I always feel I have let someone down
  • I can’t say no so I'm over committed
  • I feel undervalued at work


Reclaim Your Life!

Do any of those resonate with you? They sure did with me. Geraldine's program addresses all of these issues in the series of audios which help women to transform how they live their lives.

I'm working through the programme, slowly but surely, and I've found it to be quite helpful. I like that I can listen to the audio sessions on my iPod at my own pace...

Each session has a different focus. Overall, the series will help you to:

  • refuse requests without feeling bad
  • ask for what you want using a three-step strategy
  • take criticism without being destroyed by it
  • be more visible at work – and be taken more seriously
  • reduce your stress levels
  • identify ways of sustaining your energy so others don’t drain it
  • implement a new way of managing the family so everyone takes a share of the responsibilities
  • establish a new operating platform so you can access inner peace no matter what is going on in your life
  • live your life and not have your life living you
  • stop feeling guilty

Registered AWR members get a 20% discount on the cost of the full programme. If you have not yet registered on AWR, register now and you will find a link to the Reclaim Your Power Audio Series on the AWR Member Welcome Page.

Being a powerful woman rocks!