Bettina Werner (Artist/The Salt Queen)

bettina-werner-the-salt-queenBettina Werner (a.k.a. The Salt Queen) is an internationally acclaimed artist and a newly Americanized citizen, born in Milan, Italy in 1965.

She is a pioneer who invented the first use of colorized salt as an art medium in the History of Art.

Werner’s unique salt artworks are crystallized salt textures, created with a sophisticated  movement and dynamic artistic flow.

Her innovative salt artworks have been extensively exhibited in museums and galleries in Europe, Russia and the USA including the Whitney Museum and the Puskin Museum.

The works have a radiant cosmic surface, where each grain of salt is masterly treated like facets of a diamond skyscraper which reaches out for enlightenment through the power of salt.

Her recent 25 year retrospective, at 7 World Trade Center on the 49th floor, in a 40,000 square foot pristine space, immediately overlooked “ground zero”, represented Bettina Werner’s crowning achievement in her career with a spectacular panoramic view of New York City.



Werner is a woman with a clear mission expressing her unique salt invention as a healing spiritual and transcendental experience for universal world peace. History has taught us, the most successful artist are those who have a recognizable medium that one can spot from far away –  "a language of art". Bettina Werner has truly created an entire unique language, with her textured salt technique, that is easily  translated to all who encounter her works around the globe. Werner’s works are unmistakably recognizable.

Her fascinating life is being an artist born as a surviving twin, who is still spiritually connected to her unborn sister, who was found dead in her mother’s womb. Bettina Werner believes her spiritual sister frequently guides her in the mundane world giving Werner artistic inspiration and intuitive messages. She treasures her eternal sisterly bond.

Bettina Werner is a Knight in Shining Armor who has become historically famous overcoming the adversity and envy that challenges all women who are naturally powerful and talented, and who still manage to preserve their unique sensibility and femininity in a graceful manifested manner.

Bettina Werner is an artist who has created her own place in the History of Art. In the year 2002, she established The Salt Queen Foundation, a non profit educational institution. Its goals include the celebration of artists whose free imagination is uniquely expressed through the use of innovative techniques and unusual materials.

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