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Poker Heroines Blast Stereotypes

victoria coren mitchellf

The macho world of professional poker may not be the sort of environment where you would traditionally expect to see women flourishing. It’s a setting where alpha males, hard stares and - stereotypically at least - hard drinking are the order of the day.

But those preconceptions are being challenged by a generation of female poker players who are claiming their own place at the gaming tables.  

Bitter Or Better? The Choice Is Ours

deanne mathewsBy Deanne Mathews

In 2004, I received a call from my brother in Canada telling me that our stepfather was dead. He had stabbed himself twice in the heart. He must have been in such great pain to have taken his life in this way!
Twenty-four hours after receiving my brother¹s phone call, I was on a plane flying half-way around the world to do something I would never have believed possible:
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