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One Young Woman Dies In Tehran

neda hijabSusan notes: Three years ago, on June 20, 2009, Neda Agha Soltan died in revolutionary Tehran. The following day, I watched in horror as her dying moments were replayed for the world to see, and I became a supporter of the Green Movement for change in Iran.

Today, Neda will be mourned by hundreds of thousands worldwide, and we will hear the echo of her silent death in the street in Tehran.

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Nazanin Afshin-Jam (Human Rights Activist/Singer/Songwriter/Model

nazanin-afshin-jam.jpgNazanin Afshin-Jam (Persian: born 1979 in Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian-Canadian Human Rights Activist, President and Co-Founder of Stop Child Executions.

In addition to being an outspoken activist on behalf of the people of Iran, she is also a talented singer, songwriter, model, actress, pilot, former Miss World Canada and Miss World 1st runner up. She immigrated to Canada with her family in 1981.

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