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PRIMAdonnalogo3PrimaDonna, Incorporated is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit youth organization that strives to promote hope, love, and self-sufficiency in the minds of young girls everywhere. Its focus is to reach out to girls and show them an alternate way of living and loving their lives. Its mission is to promote abstinence and prevent teen pregnancy through the inclusion of the education and the arts, in addition to physical fitness and mental health awareness. PrimaDonna wants to put an end to teen pregnancy and childhood obesity in its community by equipping girls with the necessary tools and outlets needed to be successful in life. It assists female youth in developing the necessary social and educational skills needed to actively engage in tomorrow’s America.


Twitter: @primadonnainc

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20 Reasons Why We Still Need The "F" Word


Guest blog by executive coach Lynn Harris, author of Unwritten Rules: What Women Need To Know About Leading In Today's Organisations, is one I wished I had written myself. On the other hand, it's also one I wish didn't have to be written at all...

In our privileged world “Feminism” has become a dirty word. For most western young women, to be called a Feminist is an insult.

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