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10 Lessons to Learn From A Dog's Life

george_hollys_dog.jpgSusan notes: this is a lovely story, though I have no way of knowing whether it’s true or not. Several Internet searches proved futile in confirming it’s veracity. But it’s so sweet that I’m posting it anyway.

This piece is dedicated to George (pictured at right) and Jeffrey (pets of my friends Holly and Janice respectively), who both passed on to pet heaven.

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10 Ways Men Can Prevent Gender Violence

say-no-unite.jpg Susan notes: I invite men everywhere to join women in making this world a safer, better, more peaceful place to be.

1.    Approach gender violence as a MEN'S issue involving men of all ages and socioeconomic, racial and ethnic backgrounds. View men not only as perpetrators or possible offenders, but as empowered bystanders who can confront abusive peers.

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