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Kate Orff on How The Oyster is an Agent of Urban Change

kate-orff.jpgArchitect Kate Orff sees the oyster as an agent of urban change. Bundled into beds and sunk into city rivers, oysters slurp up pollution and make legendarily dirty waters clean -- thus driving even more innovation in "oyster-tecture."

Orff shares her vision for an urban landscape that links nature and humanity for mutual benefit.

Kate Orff asks us to rethink “landscape”—to use urban greenspaces and blue spaces in fresh ways to mediate between humankind and nature.

Kate Orff is a landscape architect who thinks deeply about sustainable development, biodiversity and community-based change—and suggests some surprising and wonderful ways to make change through landscape.

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Gonan Premfors Talks Parentology At TEDxDubai Reboot 2010

gonan.jpgGönan Premfors is a professional coach who has worked with athletes, business leaders and government leaders.

She is a faculty member at The Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, California and is the founder of The Coaches Training Institute in the Middle East with its headquarter in Dubai.

Through her studies of human consciousness and relationships, Gönan has developed a philosophy of relationships called Parentology that translates across any culture, religion or nationality.

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Julia Query: On Being In A Club Nobody Wants To Join (TEDxSanFrancisco)

julia-query.jpgJulia is a writer and psychotherapist in SF. She used to be a comic and filmmaker. She produced, wrote and co-directed Live Nude Girls Unite! A documentary about the successful unionization effort by the workers at the Lusty Lady peep show.

Live Nude Girls Unite! won multiple awards— including the San Francisco International Film Festival Audience Award for Best Feature.

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Do Stuff That Thrills & Excites You!

eve_rising_2.jpgSusan notes: as usual, this message from the Daily Om came at exactly the right time for me. Maybe it’s the right time for you too...

Each human life has the potential to be dramatic, thrilling, and awe-inspiring. Our lives are, in truth, ours to design. 

Each day, we make choices that influence the character of our experiences, and our decisions determine whether our paths are rousing or tedious, breathtaking or tiresome.

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