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Perfection, Addiction, and Motherhood

moms-and-drinking-330-46055When most people think of addictions, they associate it with helpless people stuck in a rut, or teenagers who were led down the wrong path.

Very seldom do we associate addiction with parents, let alone moms who seem to be holding everything together just fine.

Yet it’s a growing trend which is alarmingly escalating – more and more moms are found to be addicted to some sort of substance.

5 Ways to Take Credit & Not Be A Dick

Betsy talbotGuest blog post by Betsy Talbot

“Be a white man. Take credit.”

So says Jack Donaghy from the TV series 30 Rock.

Unlike many women, Donaghy has no trouble taking credit when credit is due (and even sometimes when it's not!).

This may sound crazy, but when it comes to gaining recognition, women can learn a few things from the likes of Jack Donaghy.

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