5 Strategies To Help You Get What You Want

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SylviaArticle by Sylvia Lafair, Ph.D., President & CEO, Creative Energy Options, Inc.,

How often do you ask for what you want?

Better yet, do you get what you ask for?

Many women are reluctant to ask for what they want, because they've been brought up to believe that it's impolite or unladylike to do so.

It brings up memories of being a “good girl” as a kid, or of hearing parents say “it’s not polite to ask, just wait till you are given."

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5 Top Tips For Aspiring Women Speakers

Categories // Career

susan_pink_jacket_cropped.jpgSusan notes: This article has been selected for DeFinis Communications' “Top Presentation Strategies for Women” Blog Carnival. See more posts from other exceptional bloggers on the same topic here.

Are you a woman who wants to improve her prospects for success on a personal and/or professional level?

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