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you are more than enough already

Im enough The Mrs 

Austin Texas rock band The Mrs noticed  the same thing I did in 2005 when I first started

Many women don't think very highly of themselves. Many of us don't realize how truly amazing we are.

Each one of us, regardless of whether we know it or not contributes in a wonderful, magical, meaningful way to the world around us.

Like me, The Mrs decided to do something about the deficit they saw.

They wrote a song. And  then they experimented with a magic mirror in a mall.

Here's what happened:


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Should math and evolution be taught in school? Hmmmm. Tough question.

Miss USA on Math


I stumbled on a 2011 video that shocked me.

It purported to be of Miss USA contestants answering the question “Should math be taught in schools?”

I watched in horror as the first few young women gave their answers:



It didn’t take me long to realize it was a parody – a satirical piece poking fun at somthing else. "But at what?” I wondered. Where was the original?

I looked for more information.

Ah. A video by @mackenzief, @kevgot, Leslie Collins, @gracehelbig, @lorrainecink, @jencurran, @risasarachan, @FarynEinhorn, Corinne Donly, @sarajanetaylor, @ericmpearson, Elias Altman, @mclendaniel

They were dissing this:



The answers shook me. Evolution is a "theory" that should NOT be taught in schools?

Oh. My. God. 

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29 Amazing Women Rock TED 2015

Susan TEDx Ajman on stageI've been a TEDster for almost a decade, and have had the good fortune of attending TED Global not once but twice. Lucky me!

As a feminist, I have long advocated for more women on TED and TEDx stages worldwide.

For the past several years before each TED and TED Global conference I've compiled a list of the amazing women speakers who will take the stage. 

Here are links to past lists:

I've also created a list of 300+ TED talks by amazing TED women. It's here.

Here are the 29 amazing women who will be on the #TED2015 mainstage:

1) Marina Abramovic
Performance artist



The MOMA scene above is explained here.


2) Stacey Baker
Photo editor


3) Nathalie Cabrol
Planetary explorer



“We’re born explorers.”


4) Minna Choi
Music director, Magik*Magik Orchestra


5) Valerie Conn


6) Laurie Coots
Health advocate


7) Alice Goffman
Urban sociologist


8) Dana Goodyear
Journalist and poet


9) Elora Hardy
Sustainable designer


10) Sarah Jones
Polymorphic playwright


11) Lorraine Justice
Design scholar


12) Suki Kim


13 & 14) The Kitchen Sisters
Radio producers


15) Dawn Landes


16) Monica Lewinsky
Social activist


17) Fei-Fei Li
Computer scientist


18) Dame Ellen MacArthur
Circular economy advocate




19) Maryn McKenna
Public health journalist


20) Alisa Miller

CEO, Public Radio International



21) Neri Oxman
Architect, designer


22) Esther Perel
Relationship therapist


23) Pamela Ronald
Plant geneticist


24) Martine Rothblatt


25) Laura Schulz
Cognitive scientist


26) Sophie Scott
Neuroscientist, stand-up comic


27) Sara Seager
Exoplanet expert


28) Dame Stephanie "Steve" Shirley
Entrepreneur and philanthropist


29) Noy Thrupkaew
Global journalist


Thanks to all these AMAZING #TEDWomen and to #TED for bringing their voices to the mainstage!

An inspirational story of a daughter who helped her Mom go to college

I frequently turn to online friends and fans with questions. I posed these questions to the Amazing Women Rock FB community:

Dear mothers and daughters: I'm often told I'm a "good" daughter. I know it's meant as a compliment when people say it, but I'm not exactly sure what it means.

How do you define a "good" daughter? What does it mean to be one? What do "good" daughters do that bog standard ordinary daughters don't do and vice versa?

Is there such a thing as a "bad" daughter? What would a bad daughter do that a good daughter wouldn't and vice versa? 

Which Are More Important? Similarities or Differences?

Israeli wall 4


July 27, 2014 Susan notes: Over the last 10 days violence has erupted again. It seems a good time to revisit this post.

May 31, 2010 Susan notes: I first posted this blog on January 20, 2009. Today, May 31, 2010, the world erupts once again in violence and hatred sparked by the killing of Pro-Palestinian aid activists by Israeli soldiers. It seemed like a good time to revisit this age-old question once again...